Best Home Care

Important Questions to Ask

These are the questions that you should ask before accepting care for you or your loved one.

Q. Is the Best Home Care office staff experienced and available to help me when I need it?
A. Clients and staff can call any time, day or night, to speak to a service coordinator or nurse. When Best Home Care places a health care provider in your home and a service or clinical problem arises; our office staff and our on call staff is always available to troubleshoot and resolve issues.

Q. Are services available when I need them?
A. We provide home health care service, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No minimum number of hours is required. Only a 24 hour notice of cancellation of service is required.

Q. How do I know that I will be getting the best home care service and caregiver for myself and my family members?
A. After speaking to you and/or family members, an initial assessment and plan of care is developed by our nurse. At that time, we encourage you to discuss your specific situation and requirements with our nurse. The nurse will then assist you in choosing the service and caregiver most appropriate. Any time your needs change; contact our office so that we can assist you in obtaining the necessary services.

Q. What are the requirements for Best Home Care employees to care for my family members?
A. All of our staff must meet the following requirements before being hired:

  • Evidence of experience and education
  • Written testing to evaluate skills appropriate to job requirements
  • A current license and/or certification
  • Ability to read, write and speak English
  • Two written references from previous supervisors
  • Criminal history checks
  • Medical clearance to perform the functions of the job requirements done every two years.
  • Annual TB screening
  • Nurse aide registry is checked for any complaints of client abuse from previous employers or clients.

Q. Are all employees supervised on a regular basis?
A. Yes – Our staff attends a three hour orientation program, and receives twelve hours of additional in-service education annually. Field staff receives detailed instructions about the care that is to be provided to our clients. Nurses are available to field staff to instruct and improve the care that is being provided. Whenever a nurse supervisor visits the home, the client’s condition and care plan are reassessed and changes in the plan of care are made as needed.