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Our Services
Nurse Consultation – includes a nursing and physical assessment of the needs of potential clients. Assistance is provided to the family and/or client to obtain the services that are available in the community. The nursing consultation is free of charge and provided in the client’s home, in the facility in which the client resides, or in one of our offices.
RN/LPN Services- includes skilled nursing care, nursing assessments, care management, IV medication administration, medication prefills, wound care, cardiovascular assessments, school nursing, public health nursing, maternal child health, hospice care, private duty clinical assessments and nursing care.
Certified Nursing Assistants/Certified Home Health Aides– includes assistance with personal care, activities of daily living, assistance with range of motion exercise, assistance with transfers, medication reminders and assistance taking medications ordered by physicians in prefilled containers, and home care management under the supervision of a nurse and following a plan of care that has been established by the RN. Services include maternal child health, hospice, and Alzheimer’s care.
Personal Care Homemakers-personal care assistance with bathing, dressing, shampoo, hair, foot care, nail care (excluding cutting nails) denture care, shaving, bedpans, eating, ambulating and transfers, in addition to homemaking tasks. The personal Care Plan is developed and implemented by a registered nurse. Personal care homemakers are supervised by a nurse.
Homemaker- shopping, menu planning, meal preparation, laundry and light housekeeping, including but not limited to dusting, vacuuming, dry mopping, washing floors, dish washing, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, making and changing beds.
Live In Caregivers – services are provided by one home care aide over a 24 hour time period. This service is provided for clients who sleep through the night while needing someone in the home because the client cannot be left alone.

Companion/Escort– activities related to socialization and recreation, assistance with preparation of light meals and snacks, help with shopping and errands, escort to medical appointments, senior centers, and walks.
Transportation– services provide non-Medicare covered transportation to and from health care facilities for appointments, senior centers, shopping, and for socializing events.
Respite – provide support and relieve caregivers from the daily demands and stresses of caregiving. These services are provided in an emergency or for a regular planned for time period.
Chore– services include activities that assist clients to maintain their homes and /or correct or prevent environmental defects that may be hazardous to a client’s health and safety. Light chore includes Vacuuming, dusting, dry mopping, and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. Heavy chore includes moving furniture, washing floors, and walls, defrosting freezers, cleaning ovens, cleaning attics and basements to remove health and fire hazards, changing storm windows, yard work and snow shoveling. Also included are minor home repairs.
Hairdresser – Hair wash, cut, set/blow dry by a cosmetologist in the comfort of your home.
Manicure – Nail care including soak, file, moisturize hands and fingers, and apply nail polish by cosmetologist in the comfort of your home

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