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Activities to Do with Your Elderly Parent with Alzheimer’s Disease

Activities to Do with Your Elderly Parent with Alzheimer’s DiseaseKeeping your elderly parent or loved one with Alzheimer’s disease active can be a challenge, but knowing some fun things to keep them entertained will make the time you spend more enjoyable for both of you. Since this disease has different stages to its progression you will need to decide what works best for your situation.

If your parent once loved to garden or door work in the yard and you are looking to get them outside in the sunshine you might want to have them help you plant seeds, weed the flower bed, sweep the patio or rake leaves depending on the time of year. If they were not one to enjoy the garden or yard, but often enjoyed cooking you could work with them in the kitchen on baking cookies or homemade bread. Another favorite past time is to have them read a story out loud or look at photo albums, books, the newspaper and magazines. From listening to music, dancing or singing Christmas carols the joy of music often lifts their spirits and yours. If they love games you could work on a puzzle together, play cards or Pictionary.

Feeling useful is often important for as long as possible so consider asking your loved one to help you match socks or fold laundry. Dusting and running the floor sweep is another task that they might be able to assist with.

Finally, spending time with you and having visits from people with small children or gentle dogs is often a great way to spend an afternoon with your parent with Alzheimer’s.

If your parent needs help or assistance in the home please contact Best Home Care and we will send you a nice person to help your loved one.


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  1. Jonathan Maxwell

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