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Top Signs Your Parent May Need Help

Top Signs Your Parent May Need HelpTime passes and before you know it your parents are faced with challenges they never faced in their younger years. The lack of strength in their hands and limbs make opening a jar of pickles or climbing up the stairs to their bedroom feel like obstacles in their every daily life. They stop making as many trips to their upstairs bedroom and those food jars sit unopened on the shelf. No one wants to admit they are not the same person they were at age 20, but the telltale signs that your elderly parent may need some assistance in their home is there.

So, what are the signs that it is time to call Best Home Care for a home assessment for your parent? Unopened mail and utility bills that go unpaid because your parent put the stack of mail in the corner and never opened it, is a clear sign that your parent may be getting forgetful. Food in the refrigerator that has spoiled and has not been thrown away is another sign. Do they have trouble with their balance or getting out of their favorite chair? If your parent has bruising it could be a health issue or a sign they are falling in their home. The house is not as clean and clutter accumulates on tables and in boxes around the room and what was once an organized and beautiful home is starting to have an odor. The simple daily routine of self-care is no longer simple and now your parent skips taking their daily shower and puts the same clothes on that they wore the day before. Food shopping is a struggle and they are getting forgetful about taking their medicine. Whether your parent has only a couple of these signs or all of them, there is help available today so your loved one can stay in their home safely with the help of a Personal Care Assistant or Health Home Aide.

A committed, caring and respectful team of professionals that will assess and come up with innovative solutions to meet the health care needs of your parent is just a phone call away. Contact our Wakefield office (781) 224-3600 or Middleton (978) 774-2005 for a free home assessment.


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