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Gift Giving to an Elderly Person

Gift Giving to an Elderly PersonAs the cold weather starts and the summer items are stored and the fall decorations come out, we start to think about the holidays and gift giving. Beyond sentimentality of a gift is the usefulness of the item for the recipient. What do you buy your elderly parent or grandparent? In fact, what is something that you can give to an elderly person any time of year and have it be both appreciated and useful?

A fruit basket is a healthy and useful gift and when it is received is fun to discover what has been added to the basket. As a person ages they don’t always eat nutritiously and having healthy choices of fruit can help to give them better options. If you add a couple of pieces of exotic fruits to your basket you will offer them a variety that they might otherwise have a chance to try. With flu season and the cold weather approaching, the fruit basket makes a wonderful choice for gift giving to an elderly person who could use help with eating properly, but you can also include some fun items in your basket beyond the fruit. Such items as books, stationary with stamps, tea, coffee or even a movie might add to your basket.

If your elder parent or grandparent needs help with eating more nutritiously with the assistance of a home care assistant, please consider Best Home Care. We always select the most qualified caregivers with the training and experience that you and your loved ones deserve.


3 thoughts on “Gift Giving to an Elderly Person

  1. Rita Sant

    For my grandmother’s 80th last year we got her a digital picture frame and loaded it up with pics of everyone in family spanning birth to current, including herself. It’s easy to use and she sits there for hours watching it.

  2. Jonathan Anderson

    This is a great and an innovative idea. If somebody have elder at home then this can be great idea to follow. Normally we used to serve nutritious and healthy fruits or diet to elders, but serving them a variety of exotic fruits with nutritious fruits could be an amazing idea. An elderly care organization can be very helpful in giving the more tips on how to keep our elders happy.

  3. Martha Hamm

    That is a great idea Jonathan!
    I plan to add that to the ideas that we give our home care aides to do with their clients. We give our caregivers a list of things to do with elders with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. I’ll post those in our next blog.

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