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Making Your Home Safer for Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s Disease

Making Your Home Safer for Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s DiseaseAccording to the Alzheimer’s Association there are 5 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease. This number grows every year, but it doesn’t hit home until the person you love has started to show early signs of forgetfulness and after some tests you are told they have the onset of Alzheimer’s. Panic sets in immediately for the family and it is hard to manage the emotions that come with this diagnosis, but knowledge offers a chance to take the steps you need to make sure that the person you love is living in a home that is free of many possible risks and there are agencies like Best Home Care that help families adapt to this stage in life.

If your home is filled with knick knacks and clutter it is important to clear and clean out each room so that accidents can be avoided and that there are clear walking paths in each room. Safety latches can be added to cabinets and closets that have cleaning chemicals or items that may cause harm. Take a good look at the entrances in to your home or backyard to be sure that you have railings, steps that are in good condition and possibly a ramp if your loved one is starting to lose their mobility. Consult a locksmith or hardware store about the locks on your home and if they need changing inquire about having locks installed that are easily accessible if someone has locked themselves in or you need to leave quickly in an emergency. Review each room for cords that a person could trip over and make sure they are not close to where a person walks. Review the kitchen area for possible accidents and consider asking for guidance from an who works with the elderly in their kitchens to make it free of possible fire hazards. The bathroom will need much work with safety mats in tub, tub chair, safety shower rails, a GFCI outlets, adding a nightlight and removing small rugs that a person can easily trip over. This is another room to consider asking for input from a professional. Post emergency phone numbers in a place that is easy to see and review your home and furniture for anything that might make walking, sitting or sleeping in your home difficult for the person you love with Alzheimer’s.

Most of all, be sure to recognize that as the caregiver for your loved one, you must first take care of yourself by allowing yourself to have some outside help in the home. Much like when you are on an airplane they instruct you to first place an oxygen mask on yourself and then take care of the child beside you, it is the same with this. Taking time for yourself and caring for your own health is the most important part of caring for your loved one. If you are so busy trying to do everything yourself without a help, your own body will suffer. Call Best Home Care if you need our help. We always select the most qualified caregivers with training and experience that you and your loved ones deserve.


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