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3 Steps to Help the Elderly Live a Longer Happier Life

3 Steps to Help the Elderly Live a Longer Happier LifeThanks to today’s breakthroughs in medicine and surgical techniques we have elderly living longer. However, most elders have medical conditions that require constant care like heart conditions such as hypertension, vascular disease, high blood pressure or arthritis. In addition to these medical conditions, we are seeing many elderly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. How can we help our loved ones manage their conditions and maintain their health and have a happier life?

Step 1: Assess the situation and needs of your loved one with the help of a health care professional. At Best Home Care we offer a nursing and physical assessment of the needs of your loved one. Assistance is provided to the family and/or client to obtain the services that are available in the community. The nursing consultation is free of charge and can be provided in the client’s home, in the facility in which the client resides, or in one of our offices.

Step 2: Set-up an Action Plan based on the assessment and determined who will provide assistance. If the elderly person is living alone they may require assistance from homemaking services (shopping, menu planning, meal preparation, laundry, and light housekeeping) to having certified nursing assistant or registered nurse attend to their health needs. And, if the person is not able to be left alone Best Home Care offers a Live-in Service which is provided by one home care aide over 24 hour time period so the person is available around the clock.

Step 3: Participate in their happiness by keeping them engaged and as active as possible. Make it a point to spend quality time with them. Include them on special family outings and celebrations. Take them out to see a movie or play. Add physical activities if they are able like golf, tennis or swimming. Help them to connect and meet new friends at senior groups. In short, add to the quality of their life by encouraging them to actively participate in it.

With proper care your elderly parent or loved one can live a happy and joyful life.

Call Best Home Care if you need our help. We always select the most qualified caregivers with the training and experience that you and your loved ones deserve.


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