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Is Your Aging Mother Taking Care of Herself?

Is Your Aging Mother Taking Care of Herself?Your mother always was the best dressed at any family gathering. She never went to the grocery store without lipstick on and a nice outfit. She took pride in how she looked and how her home looked. But, after your father passed away you started to notice that Mom was not herself.

Often the first sign a family notices that their aging parent needs some help is that their outward appearance is not to the standards that it has always been. The elderly parent may have on dirty spotted clothing, or their hair is not brushed or washed and it appears that they no longer are bathing and caring for their teeth as they once did. Daily routines are suffering and they may be missing meals and opting to eating a slice of toast over a balanced dinner. This change in your parent could indicate the starting signs of dementia, depression or possibly a physical impairment that is making it difficult for them to care for themselves as they once did.

As a family you discuss your options and thankfully places like Best Home Care in Wakefield and Middleton are here to help. One phone call and we can have a home care nurse to your parents’ home to assess what help they need. We provide a free home consultation and if your parent needs some help getting a meal or help with their daily routine, we will send them a nice person to make their day much easier and take the worry away for you. Spending quality time with your parent can now mean a nice dinner at a restaurant or taking them to see a movie or a visit with the grand kids instead of giving them their daily shower or helping them in the kitchen. Call us today to schedule a consult.


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  1. cheryl Mowry

    Thank you Best Home Care for posting such needed information on how to take care of ourselves and others that we care for you answer a lot of the hard questions we have and sometimes afraid to ask thanks again

    I thank Martha and Barry for their insight and helping us meet our needs as well as all the caregivers and staff

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